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scandexchairsBjörn Series SX500 with Backrest

Björn Series SX500 with Backrest

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The Björn 500 series Narrow saddle seat for petite or slender women with a back that targets the lower back while you move in the saddle for longer hours tasking.

This saddle provides users from 5' to 6' 6" with the perfect positioning for an ergonomic posture, replicating that of an equestrian. The narrow saddle is designed with balance in mind, so you can stay comfortable all day long.

You'll enjoy less stress in the lower back, neck, or shoulders because of this seating position!

The Swedish Saddle system is based on your height and body style. 

Slender Multi-Adjustable seat and back. Excellent lower back support with a padded arch that conforms to the back 

Choose your cylinder based on your height. 

Standard Height Is For Users 5'-5'8" and moves from the bottom of the saddle to the base 20"-27"

Tall Is For Users 5'8"-6'6"  And moves from the bottom of the saddle to the base 24"-34" 


Seat: W16″ x D13″

Base: 19" Polished aluminum 

Casters: Polyurethane tread for hard or carpeted floors

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