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scandexchairsBruno 300 Series with arms

Bruno 300 Series with arms

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Introduced in 1996 as The Swedish Seating System, the Bruno Series 300 Office/Work Chair, quickly became a favorite choice of a chair in dental and medical offices.

The Bruno Ergo-Eco Office/Work Chair is based on research done in the early 1980s at Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg Sweden with the following objectives:

Ergo: To design a chair for ultimate comfort and back health. With a seat that encourages you to sit “without effort” with your back in contact with a sculptured backrest, only large enough to give you critical support in your lumbar area … but not to restrict upper body movements.

  • A chair-seat-support designed for One-Lever-Control of all adjustments.
  • Seat height, seat tilt, and the adjustment of the backrest.
  • A lever set — FreeFloat — makes the backrest follow your back, continuously supporting your spine when leaning forward and back.

Eco: Simplistic, tailored design of seat and back — making use of no more material resources than needed — A chair designed to support you like the chair in a Formula-One racing car.

It serves you equally well in your business office, as in your home office, and is particularly well suited for women.

Note: A user of large stature may find the seat restrictive.

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